Dear son, don’t let Robin Thicke be a lesson to you

Matt Walsh is right on as well.

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***Update, August 1: In response to the thousands of people who, after reading this entire post, decided to harp on one single phrase (“I’m no feminist”), I wrote this. If you want to know how I can say all the things I say here, yet still reject “feminism,” click the link and I’ll explain. Otherwise, carry on. Thanks for stopping by.

Our country dangles on the precipice of starting a third World War. We are on the verge of a completely unnecessary conflict where the United States will fight along side Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. This, in another day and age, might earn the crown as the Most Controversial Story of the Week. But we’re in the year 2013, and this is America, so a young pop star’s dance moves on an MTV awards show have predictably overshadowed the prospect of global chaos and bloodshed. I wrote…

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My desire

I agree! Satan is after marriages. It takes effort and commitment to stay married. I choose to do so!

Hearts of Flesh - Ministry for Wives

I’m posting this to encourage us to
celebrate our marriages! The world is trying to redefine what God created.

Even if your marriage is struggling believe that love can heal. Believe that you can revive your relationship. It can be that way again.

Be encouraged,



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